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Melanie Shields

Mel's ancestors
Family farm
in 1910

Ocean view from Mayan ruin in Cancun

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Melanie Shields, Marketing Director

For 20 years, Melanie has written effective advertising copy, created strategic plans to launch new businesses and managed budgets and deadlines for hundreds of marketing projects. She relies upon her broad marketing experience to solve project challenges while advancing each client's long-range goals. Her ability to track every detail on a project gives clients peace of mind, backed by the assurance that their project will be completed on time and on budget.

Melanie always has a plan and knows the right media, vendors and business contacts to make things happen. She thrives on the challenge to stretch budgets and always seeks a more efficient way to get the best outcome for clients.

In addition to managing projects and placing media, she writes copy for broadcast, web and print projects. As the detail part of the pair, Melanie asks the questions that get your project started then delivered on time.

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Current Obsession

Mastering the possibilities of digital marketing.

Just Completed Project

Researching and writing a 75-page book tracing my family history back to European monarchs.